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Bite size learning sessions are short, punchy and effective training workshops. They vary between 60 minutes and three hours and are delivered in ways so every minute counts.

Bite size learning sessions are dynamic, fun, and packed with tips and knowledge which are practical, useful and

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A computer is an electronic device which manipulates information and data. It can store, retrieve and process this data.

Computers have been in use for over half a century and whether you are aware of it or not, they play an important part in our everyday lives.

Examples include

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The good old fashioned book used to provide an escape for the masses. But times have changed and book stores are struggling, libraries are closing and people simply do not read as much any more.

This change in attitude is because people lead busy lives and have been seduced by modern

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The art of capitalism is repeatedly selling something to someone which they believe they need and which costs hardly anything to produce especially where customers do all the work.

In this respect domain names are a perfect example of capitalism in practice.

The whole system is

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