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Coffee and Bite Size Learning

Bite size learning sessions are short, punchy and effective training workshops. They vary between 60 minutes and three hours and are delivered in ways so every minute counts.

Bite size learning sessions are dynamic, fun, and packed with tips and knowledge which are practical, useful and can be put to use right away. They are the perfect solution for busy people.

I.T. Basics: what is a computer?

A computer is an electronic device which manipulates information and data. It can store, retrieve and process this data.

Computers have been in use for over half a century and whether you are aware of it or not, they play an important part in our everyday lives.

Examples include using a cash point, scanning groceries and even using a calculator.

During the last 25 years personal computers (PCs) have become increasingly available. They can be used to type letters and documents, send email, browse the internet, play games and a whole lot more.

Successful content secrets

The good old fashioned book used to provide an escape for the masses. But times have changed and book stores are struggling, libraries are closing and people simply do not read as much any more.

This change in attitude is because people lead busy lives and have been seduced by modern trends which use technology to deliver information in short summary form and is quick and easy to digest.

How to Register Domain Names

The art of capitalism is repeatedly selling something to someone which they believe they need and which costs hardly anything to produce especially where customers do all the work.

In this respect domain names are a perfect example of capitalism in practice.

The whole system is based on words which buyers create and which domain registrars rent to the buyers. It is now a huge business and aspiring website owners compete to buy the words which will become their domain name - providing of course someone else has not already beat them to it.

Talk about TIM TOWTDI

Once you have been around coding and websites for a while you start to realise there is never a one size fits all solution. What works for some people may not be a good fit for others.

You will begin to understand there is always more than one solution to a problem. At the same time you may also realise if one method achieves the same end result as another, there is no such thing as the right way of doing it and your choice becomes a matter of preference.

Choosing the right website hosting

It will not be long before you want to put your website online and your search for a hosting provider will begin. Choosing the right website hosting can be confusing and needs to be approached with care.

There is a lot of choice but not all hosting providers provide equal services. The type of website will dictate whether you need a dedicated server or whether shared hosting space is the best choice.